Business is “BOOMING”, Getting the attention of mainstream media.

Meet the Sneaker Don aka @BenjaminKickz. Those of us in the industry have been familiar with Benjamin Kapelushnik, for quite a while now. He’s done what most of us in the industry know as flipping kicks. Buying hard to get shoes and selling the for a huge mark up. It’s an actual strong business model. It reminds me of the stories I would hear from my uncles about buying old ford and chevy trucks, changing the oil on them and throwing a new coat of paint on the for $68 dollars and flipping them for $1000.

What’s impressive is that he started out small selling whatever he could like candy and gum to to get himself to the point of affording sneakers at retail. It has certainly earned him credibility here, not to mention he’s done nearly $1 million in sneaker sales and his clientele includes DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Ian Connor, Hassan Whiteside, DJ Carnage, G-Eazy, Little Yachty, Post Malone (shout) and more. Now he’s going to bring things to the another level and open stores in all the hot spots including Miami, Los Angeles and New York. We wish him luck because it’s the American Dream and Business is BOOMING!

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Matt Trny

Growing up in Portland, OR Matt moved to San Diego in 2001 to pursue his passion for art and design. Matt gives credit to early mentors at Blk/Mrkt and Imagewerks, Inc. who helped him develop his unique style that incorporates fine art, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. As a result Matt's client list includes companies such as: Adidas, Burton Snowboards, Grenade Gloves, Nema Mtn. Bike Clothing, Nike, Shirts & Skins, and Reebok. Matt's favorite sneakers are the Air Jordan 5, Reebok Omni Pump Lite, Adidas Artillery (Torsion), and the Converse weapon to name a few.

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