Air Jordan 5

My First Pair of J’s Story

This is my first pair of J’s story as I remember it… It was 1990, and word spread quickly through the halls of Cedar Park Jr. High. No this isn’t a Retro release but the real authentic OG Fire Red Nike Air Jordan V with the white nubuck – on sale at Nordstrom’s in Tigard (Washington Square Mall) for a hundred dollar bill ($100) I new it was a long shot, we didn’t have a ton of money for this type of thing back then. My family was definitely more Mervyn’s than Nordstrom’s (if you know what I mean.) Not to mention, every kid in the Beaverton Metro area had heard about this deal too. I was thinking about the next basketball season too, and I new I needed to be fresh on and off the court! So I pleaded with my Mom to take me to the mall that evening and help me get my first pair! Reluctantly She agreed, telling me that this was my early and only Birthday gift this year. I was good with that so we went, and of course when we got there it was a mad house, tons of people, Nike boxes, silica packets and sneaker box tissue all over the floor, and to top it off I didn’t even know what size I was! I had grown 8 inches in a short period of time and not only did my height grow, but my feet were growing as well (looked like I was was skiing or something.) Anyways, much to my surprise, the flustered sales guy in Nordstrom’s shoe department measured my foot and let me know that I was a size 11, three whole size bigger that I was in the beginning 7th grade! Fortunately for me they had a pair in my size, I tried them on, felt like money right away, my Mom bought ‘em, and the that was my first pair!

What does your story sound like?

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