SneakerBox featured by

6 Months ago when we first launched the Sneakerbox we were struggling to find a way to package our monthly shipments of Sneaker Accessories. Fortunately we were lucky enough to come across another fresh startup that had just launched their new business in With the help of the dope team over there we were able to see the red box design come to life and be ready to start shipping out to you by SneakerBox #3.

Since then, Carrie over at Pakible created and released a video called “Box Design Tips” and the SneakerBox was featured as one of the boxes to take notes from. Anyways, here is what she said: “Fun marketing icons: adding visual aids and pictographs makes your design more engaging. Images communicate more quickly than words, so using a unified set of icons like Sneaker Box Co will entice your customers.”

What an honor to have our Sneaker based subscription box featured for all to see. Thanks Pakible!

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