“Weartesters” June 2015 SneakerBox Unboxing

All you need to know is that #NightwingKnows. He’s been bringing you in-depth performance reviews & product reviews on some of the latest basketball performance products since 2009, and his collection is on point! For a better look into his collection and the products he reviews follow him on instagram: @nightwing2303, the WearTesters youtube channel, and you can’t forget the ever expanding WearTesters product line.

Matt Trny

Growing up in Portland, OR Matt moved to San Diego in 2001 to pursue his passion for art and design. Matt gives credit to early mentors at Blk/Mrkt and Imagewerks, Inc. who helped him develop his unique style that incorporates fine art, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. As a result Matt's client list includes companies such as: Adidas, Burton Snowboards, Grenade Gloves, Nema Mtn. Bike Clothing, Nike, Shirts & Skins, and Reebok. Matt's favorite sneakers are the Air Jordan 5, Reebok Omni Pump Lite, Adidas Artillery (Torsion), and the Converse weapon to name a few.

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